Saturday, March 29, 2008

EgyptAir Rebranding (By Me - Unofficial)

EgyptAir has recently celebrated its 75th anniversary, being the 7th air carrier in the World and the very first in the Middle East, it has a rich history and many firsts.

It has also been a crappy carrier throughout the 90s, and was famous for flight delays and poor service. Nowadays, and since 2004, EgyptAir has been rejuvenating, with a new fleet and improved services. E-ticketing is a standard and the flights are amazingly on time, and the on-board service can't be better. They have changed a lot in the past few years and have improved noticeably.

But when you board and EgyptAir plane, your first impression would be that
Egypt Air seriously needs to consider a rebranding. The brand is tired and outdated, and it does not live up to the country’s reputation as a tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. Seriously their branding is crappy. I mean look at other airlines! Learn something!!! They still couldn't get it through their dense brains that THIS logo from the 70s HAS TO CHANGE!

I have to admit, EgyptAir isn't as classy as Emirates. Singapore Airlines or even the Royal Jordanian, its what you can say a more "casual" airline. This is reflected in the logo and the service, and though it recently joined Star Alliance, I don't think its considered a 5-star airline (or anywhre close to 5 stars).

So I gave it a shot and did a slight rebranding for the logo. I know they will never give up their precious eagle, so I decided to keep it and play aith it a little, and change that stupid font they have been using for ages. I decided to give it a more professional look and make it look "cool"... :P

So here you go:

(click to enlarge)
Tell me what you think :)
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Anonymous said...

I think the eagle is ruining it, but the font is good :D

Infliktora's Moey said...

Well, the font is what I worked on, thanks :)
About the eagle, i think so too. But lets face it, the eagle is Egypt's coat of arms, and this is the national carrier, so it make sense.

Plus it doesn't look that bad, its simple, powerful and nice. But it should get a bigger face-lift.

Shahir Boshra said...

You should really be proud, Egyptair has just announced its new logo and slogan. Although, they didn't use your design but the new logo looks young and active which you wanted :-)
But the old Egyptair logo you're posting here is really really old! they changed it maybe 8 years ago (at least replaced the blue with gold)
One last comment, I'm sure you meant to say that Egyptair celebrated its 75th (now 76) anniversary and not the 150th :-)

(moey) infliktora said...

Wow! My dreams are coming true! I can't seem to find the new one, if you have it please send it to me!

I know the old one is really old, but the face-lift they gave to it was mild and stupid. It was just pointless.

And thanks for the remark I can't believe I typed 150th! :)

(moey) infliktora said...

No, I DID find the new one and I blogged about it already. I'm amazed!


crude analysis said...

Why did you plagiarize from the "Saudi Jeans" blog, regarding Egypt Air? see:

The editor of Saudi Jeans has since written about it. See:

As he points out, your third paragraph is nearly identical to the first paragraph in his original post. Nice work, but based on this, it's also probably likely that you stole the image from somewhere else on the internet. Way to be.

Best Regards,
Crude Analysis

(moey) infliktora said...

Perhaps you haven't noticed the little "+Source" link at the bottom, which links back to Saudi Jeans...

And if you need proof that I made it, I can give you proof.

crude analysis said...

"sourcing" it at the bottom doesn't make it legitimate. perhaps you should have quoted it from the saudi jeans blog, rather than changing around a couple words. it's a personal feeling and not a statement of fact... that's why it seems so odd that you used the exact same words. you had the exact same thoughts when you went onto egypt air? that's hard for me to believe. it's just a bit odd. but whatever.

best regards,
crude analysis